2 Moments from the tunnel pointing out how much the ghost wins mean to Thiago

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Two impressive moments from Liverpool’s tunnel show How much does a win over Manchester United in the Premier League on Tuesday mean to Thiago Alcantara?

Thiago Alcantara was the standout player or real game manager in Liverpool ‘s victory over Manchester United on Tuesday 19 April 2022 and he has shown his love for He had for his team-mates after the game at Anfield. However, the Reds opened the nest to crush their important rivals. where Thiago played an important role in this victory The Spaniard joined from Bayern Munich last summer and had his best game with the club on Tuesday night.

           Thiago’s brilliant performance against Manchester United has made Liverpool fans feel good and truly fall in love with him. How the 31-year-old represents World class play with unrivaled, sharp passing. Always create opportunities for the offensive line. which to do so in any game That’s impressive. But by doing this against one of Liverpool’s biggest rivals, the more the fans get. Satisfaction increased several times.

           After being hit continuously for a year and a half On Tuesday night it felt as though he had finally reached Anfield as a Liverpool player, with an Inside Anfield video on Liverpool’s official YouTube channel confirming this even further. However, while emerging from the tunnel in the second half Thiago reached for the legendary This Is Anfield sign hanging above the door. It’s a small thing, but there’s no doubt that it will make fans. Liverpool love him even more.

           Thiago was substituted late in the game and received standing ovation applause from the crowd at Anfield. And from the clip after the game that appears, you can see that The midfielder waited for Andy Robertson to shake hands before embracing each other to rejoice in the victory , and Thiago walked through the Anfield corridor before hugging Mo Sala. Ah, who scored 2 goals in this game. It clearly indicates how much the victory in this UFABET game has meant for him. 

           Jürgen Klopp hopes Thiago can stay fit. By confirming that there are few players with his level of quality in this game. “He’s a good player. We have to keep him fit,” he told the BBC . “Now he’s in his rhythm. It keeps these situations in the right space, the right turn, the right pass.” “You don’t have 5 million players like this in the world. Few people see things faster than anyone else and have the technical ability not only to see but also to see. but also take the ball there It was a great game from him.”

           Gary Neville claims the Reds acted as if his old team were toys for them. And the Spanish players are at the heart of Liverpool’s success. “Liverpool act as if tonight Manchester United were their toy,” Neville told the Gary Neville Podcast. “Tiago laughed as he came out of the pitch. He laughed at them the whole game. I don’t normally curse on the Gary Neville Podcast, but he laughed at Manchester United tonight, that’s very easy. for Liverpool players.”