De Gea hopes Lindelof will be fine.

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Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea is worried. Victor Lindelof has had a shortness of breath. It is hopeful. Ndellove is not very violent.

Despite being an active athlete. The field urgently due to unexpected illnesses such as cardiac arrhythmias and respiratory rhythm disturbances. In the past, many players have died on the field from unexpected illnesses. Whether the medical team is working faster and more prepared.

Because unforeseen events can always happen. Simon Kier helped the first attempt until he was conscious again and delivered. The hospital was in time, but Christian Eriksen would have to quit football immediately due to his incomplete physical condition, or Sergio Aguero had a heart problem and was considering quitting. Most recently, this incident happened to Victor Lindelof.

With Victor Lindelof appearing to be breathing irregularly and needing to leave the field urgently for first aid before sending it to the medical team to manage again, with David de Gea worried about Vi’s illness. Court Lindelof, but hopes it will not be so violent that he has to quit playing. David de Gea said in an interview: “At that moment the competition is not important to me anymore because what is more important is The lives of players and events reminded me of Christian Eriksen and Sergio Aguero. But I hope Victor Lindelof’s condition is less severe.