Kehi reveals Crystal Palace are ready to face Everton

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Crystal Palace’s England defender Mark Gehi admits Everton are a dangerous attacking side but Crystal Palace are ready to tackle Everton’s attack, especially Richarli. Nason and Andros Townsend

Crystal Palace’s situation has started to look less good after four consecutive Premier League wins without a win and three defeats. Prompting Crystal Palace to drop to 14th in the table. Crystal Palace will have a point ahead of the team in the relegation area. But if they still can’t get their good form back like this. They have a chance to go down to the relegation area as well and Crystal Palace urgently need to salvage the dire situation.

And the next match Crystal Palace will open Selhurt Park to receive the visit of Everton who just beat Arsenal. Now it is up to 13th in the table. that Everton also need 3 points to be in the top of the table again. Plus key players Richarlison and Andros Townsend are also ready to enter the field. But the latest is coming. Jorge Gehi reveals Crystal Palace are ready for Everton’s attack

“We know that Everton are a very dangerous attacking team and are always ready to harm us, especially from set-pieces that are always ready to turn into goals. Great players like Richarlison. There is also Andros Townsend set to return to Selhurt Park as Everton players. But we are ready for attacking games. Everton’s most dangerous.