Lamboley reveals Martial wants to leave

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Anthony Martial’s agent Philippe Lamboley has revealed that Anthony Martial wants to leave the club. In order to continue playing in the starting XI after being unable to play. Squeezed up to be the main character of Manchester United successfully.

Although in the early days Anthony Martial moved to Manchester United. They were somewhat disparaged with their low age. But the return cost was up to 15 million pounds. Anthony Marc Cial also proved himself by scoring a goal against Liverpool. Successfully dodges the Liverpool defender to shoot. Anthony Martial immediately a player to watch for fans. Manchester United’s hopes that Anthony Martial will become a mainstay of the team in the future.

Of course, Anthony Martial remained a key figure at Manchester United. It became a joke for football fans immediately with the number of goals scored less compared to the position of the center forward of other teams and Manchester United have reinforced the position of the center forward as well as the transfer market. Through it, I decided to pull Cristiano Ronaldo back again.

And with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, Anthony Martial immediately had to sit on the bench, even with the news of the transfer coming out continuously, including the latest Fili. Pepe Lamboley insists Anthony Martial wants to leave the club. Because he wants to play more with Philippe Lamboley saying Anthony comes. Martial wants to part ways with Manchester United in January for the sole reason.