Letan admits Renato may part ways with Lille

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Lille chairman Olivier Letan has admitted Renato Sanches could part ways with Lille in January after several clubs were interested particularly AC Milan and R Senal.

Although Renato Sanchez had a tough time at Bayern Munich, even moving to Swansea City, the out-of-the-box team still couldn’t claim his own good form. Returned until finally had to move to Lille immediately in hopes of regaining his form and it seems that moving to Lille would be the right decision because Renato Sanches stepped up. Being the main character of Lille immediately and also doing an excellent job as well.

And over the years, Renato Sanchez has had news of moving the team out in almost every trading market. Previously, Liverpool seemed to want Renato Sanches to strengthen the midfield including AC Milan. Arsenal have plans to add players to the team to raise the team even higher, although Lille does not want to let Renato Sanchez leave the team, but if A satisfactory offer came in. Lille may be willing to let Renato Sanchez leave the team.

Most recently, Olivier Letan confirmed that Renato Sanchez might part ways with Lille in the January transfer window. But it was only in the future with Olivier Letan giving an interview. Renato Sanches is always improving. He’s a talented player. But it’s all about. Only in the future and my duty is to follow the goals that Lille has set.