Let’s double champion! ‘De Gea’ swears ‘Ghost’ is good enough to beat ‘Boat’ to win the FA

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Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea believes the chance to win the double has arrived. Although the final has to face Manchester City, the city’s rivals. But his UFABET team was able to win. After just a duel against Brighton in the FA Cup playoffs

Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea is confident his side will beat their  city rivals Manchester City to the 2022-23 FA Cup after beating Bright on penalties . Tan & Hove Albion 7-6 after a 0-0 draw after 120 minutes in the semi-finals. at Wembley Stadium On Sunday, April 23, the past

Let's double champion! 'De Gea' swears 'Ghost' is good enough to beat 'Boat' to win the FA

United and Seagulls open the game to attack each other with fun. but cannot send the ball into the bottom of the net Part of that comes from the excellent defense of the two goalkeepers. Until finally having to continue competing in extra time for another 30 minutes, but still no score Had to decide with a penalty shootout before the Red Devils were more accurate. Passed for the Manchester derby battle in the black final on Saturday, June 3.

“It’s a very close game. We played with a really good team, ‘said the Spanish goalkeeper after the match. ‘We prepared the same penalty shoot-out. I tried to pressure the shooter. We scored the perfect penalty. We are in another final. But we have another big game on Thursday [against Tottenham] so now. We have to go home to recuperate and prepare again. There is still a long way to go before the finals. I’m sure it will be a big game against one of the best teams in Europe. But we have shown that We can defeat them.”

Meanwhile, De Gea insists it’s not enough for Manchester United , despite having already won one Carabao Cup. In the finals of the FA, one more item and are hoping for the top four. But it’s a great step up from last season. And his team is hungry for more success. 

Manchester United have won the FA Cup 12 times, with the most recent coming in 2015-16 when they beat Crystal Palace 2-1 in extra time. The last time was in 2018, when Chelsea lost 0-1, this time they have a chance to win a double championship under Erik ten Hag ‘s first year in charge if they can defeat the Blues .