Manchester City are set to extend the contract with Cancelo.

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Manchester City are set to extend Joao Cancelo’s contract after an outstanding display despite Joao Cancelo’s contract with Manchester City until 2025.

Previously, Joao Cancelo seemed to be a wandering player because he had to move to play with many teams before Manchester City brought Joao Cancelo to the team for a fee of 55 million pounds, but in the beginning The move seems that Joao Cancelo will be the only option in the position of right-back and left-back only because Kyle Walker and Oleksandr Zinchenko have done an excellent job. But in the 2020/21 season, Joao Cancelo’s playing time has started to increase and his performance on the field is satisfactory.

Before Joao Cancelo became a mainstay of Manchester City successfully. In the 2021/22 season with 22 appearances in all competitions. Joao Cancelo was given the opportunity to play. He is the starter of every match in the English Premier League. Plus the performance on the field is excellent. He helps Manchester City move up to No 1 in the score table, of course, with Joao Cancelo doing results. With a great job like this, there are many teams who are paying attention.

Manchester City do not want to let key player Joao Cancelo leave the club despite having a contract until 2025. But Manchester City are keen to be sure Joao Cancelo will stay at Manchester City. Leicester City have been in talks for a few more years over a new contract for Joao Cancelo. Manchester City and Joao Cancelo will hold talks again after the 2021/22 season.