Marseille to hold talks with Arsenal over Saliba

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Olympique Marseille is set to meet Arsenal‘s board to discuss William Saliba’s outstanding performance. Olympique Marseille looking to sign Will Liam Saliba joins the team on a permanent contract.

After not having a single match with Arsenal. William Saliba had to move to another club on loan for more playing time. Be it Saint-Etienne or Nie. And most recently, William Saliba moved to Olympique Marseille on loan until the end of the season. Which William Saliba’s performance was excellent and helped Olympique Marseille to move up. To be in the area at the top of the table successfully and have the opportunity to win tickets to the UEFA Champions League as well

Olympique Marseille will try to bring William Saliba to the club on a permanent contract. But Arsenal have insisted that William Saliba will not be released from the club. Sending William Saliba to Olympique Marseille on loan because he wants players to get the opportunity to play continuously. Only to return to be the main force in the future to Arsenal. There will be a lot of defenders to choose from. Plus the main ones like Gabriel Magalles and Ben White are doing very well.

Olympique Marseille is preparing to talk to Arsenal’s board of directors about bringing William Saliba to the team on a permanent contract. But Arvenal still insists that it is clear. Will not let William Saliba leave the team decisively, although there are interesting offers to consider, but Olympique Marseille still wants William Saliba to stay with the ยูฟ่าเบท team and should be Will extend the loan agreement for another year.