Robertson has been very tired by both teams in the last match.

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Liverpool’s Scottish left-back Andrew Robertson has revealed. Both Liverpool and Chelsea’s players were visibly fatigued after the Carabao Cup penalty shootout challenge. final

Liverpool and Chelsea will meet again in the Carabao Cup final and the goal of both teams is only to win the trophy because over the years it has been Manchester City. That has always reserved concessions, of course, that both teams are full, sending the best set of players onto the field to win the championship only and both teams have the opportunity to score goals several times, but still cannot change He was able to score a goal before the end of 90 minutes in a bland manner.

Even if they go into the field for another 30 minutes of extra time. But both teams still can’t score more goals. Both teams have to win until the penalty shootout. It have to win up to the 11th person to come to a conclusion and Finally. It was Liverpool who narrowly beat Chelsea before winning the Carabao Cup. Which Andrew Robertson admitted that the Liverpool. Chelsea players are very tired to play. Together until the penalty shootout will come to a conclusion which team will win the championship at ยูฟ่าเบท.

“We’ve played against Chelsea twice and before that ended in a draw but the last game was once again when we had a difficult time even though we had chances to score. True, but Chelsea also had a lot of chances and both teams put it all together and I could feel from the players of both teams that they wanted the game to be over and that they had to win the duel. Penalty to come to a conclusion and luckily we weren’t the ones who made a mistake.”