Robertson reveals Aston Villa put a lot of pressure on Liverpool

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Liverpool’s Scottish left-back Andrew Robertson admits that Aston Villa have made it difficult for Liverpool and Liverpool almost missed out on a draw with Aston Villa.

Even if Liverpool are a team that surpasses Aston Villa a lot. The main strength that exists within the team. Plus Liverpool can collect many victories in a row until it rises to 2nd in the table and comes up as a team to win the championship. The English Premier League has been successful. Manchester City defeated Wolverhampton first. Liverpool will only need to collect 3 full points if they hope to score points in pursuit of Manchester City.

But Aston Villa haven’t become a point-a-point team in the past since Steven Gerard took over as new manager with three wins in their four games and Liverpool are. Faced with a difficult task from the first minut. Although there were many goals scored. But in the end, it was unable to turn into a goal. It’s good to get a penalty and Mohamed Salah successfully kills, but Aston Villa Still not giving up and hoping to reclaim the door

It’s good that Liverpool were able to win, but Andrew Robertson admits Aston Villa put a lot of pressure on Liverpool, with Andrew Robertson in an interview: “To Aston Villa conceded a goal but they showed no sign of giving up at all, especially the last 15 minutes which made it very difficult for us a lot as our defensive game remained solid and we have to admire Virgil. Van Dijk and Joel Matip who helped the team not concede goals.