Torino eyeing Sarr to join the team

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Torino are set to continue their pursuit of Chelsea defender Malon Sar on loan in January. Malon Sar still unable to squeeze in as a key figure at Chelsea.

Although there are many great young players in the team, but Chelsea is a team that has a very strong core, making it the mainstay of Chelsea must pass many tests. To be as good as the main character is not an easy task for young players are not very experienced. Many players choose to part ways with Chelsea for more opportunities to play in the starting line and many have made the right decision. Must be able to hold the real position immediately since moving

But there are many young players have chosen to stay with Chelsea. The confidence that they will squeeze up to compete for the first place. There is Trevoh Chalobah who can do it. There is also Reece James who has successfully stepped up to be a mainstay at Chelsea. The rest seems to be the only substitute in the case of Malon Sar has only made four appearances for Chelsea. Only the news came out that Malang Sarr wants to part ways with Chelsea for the opportunity to continue playing.

Of course, Chelsea do not want to let the young defender leave the team because at the end of the 2021/22 season there will be three defenders are out of contract and are likely to part ways with Chelsea. So Malon Sar may move. We are ready to make an offer for Chelsea to consider in January immediately.