Van Dijk praises Liverpool supporters for welcoming Gerard

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Liverpool’s Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk has hailed Liverpool fans for warming up to Steven Gerrard as a club legend despite his return as manager of Aston Villa.

For Steven Gerard, it is a symbol of Liverpool and over the years at Anfield has been a wonderful time. Liverpool fans are sure to refer to Steven Gerard as a Legendary player of the team and should be with Liverpool until he retired as well, but in the end, Steven Gerard had to part with Liverpool due to his growing age and was unable to seize the starting line-up of Liverpool, which B Randall Rodgers opted to release Steven Gerard from the team.

Steven Gerard then decided to quit playing and took over the role of Liverpool’s first team manager before deciding to move to take charge of Glasgow Rangers before leading the team to an unbeaten trophy. Steven Gerard has emerged as a manager has been especially watched by Liverpool fans. He wants Steven Gerard back to manage Liverpool. But Liverpool have a great manager like Gerard. Gen Klopp has made Liverpool fans wait.

It was Aston Villa that brought in Steven Gerrard as their new manager. Plus the last match was Steven Gerard’s return to Anfield and the supporters welcomed him. Well, Virgil van Dijk praised Liverpool supporters for their warm welcome to Steven Gerard, saying. If you think of Liverpool, Steven Gerard has to think of Steven Gera. First and foremost because he is a Liverpool legend and deserves a very welcome reception from Liverpool fans.