Wilson believes Newcastle’s situation will improve.

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Newcastle United striker Callum Wilson has revealed that his team-mates confidence has risen sharply after their recent win over Burnley. He is confident of Newcastle United’s situation will be better.

Newcastle United have had a difficult time at the start of the season after failing to win a single match in their 14 Premier League games. They are at the bottom of the table immediately. Newcastle United are the 4th team to win not a single match from the first 14 matches played by the previous three teams. This page ended the season with all relegation.

Burnley is also a key opportunity for Newcastle United. After missing an opportunity in their previous match against Norwich City. Jersey will open the front. Callum Wilson’s winning goal. Moving Newcastle United to 19th. There is a chance to move up in the relegation survival area as well.

Callum Wilson revealed that his team-mates’ confidence had risen to a high following their win over Burnley. That Newcastle United’s situation will definitely improve. Callum Wilson giving. The interview said Even though we had a very bad time. But we are still together. I scored that was great. It was three important points for us of course after. This situation at Newcastle United will be better than before.