Xabi: Dembele needs to renew contract Otherwise Barça needs to sell him.

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Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona coach Leave a message to Ousmane Dembele that the French winger needs to sign a new contract with the club. Otherwise, he will have to leave the team in January.

Ousmane Dembele, 24, has a contract until the end of the season. Negotiations for a new contract have been going on since the beginning of the season. But have yet to reach an agreement. Barça recently began to lose patience, prompting the French winger to make decisions about his future.

Dembele joins from Borussia Dortmund in 2017 started at £96.8 million and could rise to £135.5 million under bonus terms. Since moving, he has been regularly injured. Rarely getting on the field. and although not having the opportunity to show a very good. But with the pace that is considered excellent. Plus at a young age. As a result, several clubs want to sign him as a free agent. Including Manchester United, Newcastle and Liverpool.

A number of clubs that want him are ready to pay wages to lure him away. Camp Nou on a free transfer at the end of the season. Barça’s offers meanwhile appear to be significantly less than other clubs. Their wage cuts on their new contracts as well. This is partly because the club’s financial situation is strictly limited to payroll wages. That made Dembele unhappy with the offer and refused to renew his contract. There is also news that a club is ready to pay 20 million euros free if moving as a free agent.

Xavi Hernandez has revealed the UFABET club are preparing to find a solution for Dembele. Just wait for the players to decide. he said “His contract is only 5 months left. We can’t wait any longer.

“Whether the player renews the contract or not. We are already looking for a solution. They are in a complicated situation. We just have to wait for clarity from Usman. If he wants to stay but hasn’t signed a new contract, it’s almost impossible. As a club the solution for us has been a contract extension, unfortunately he has played every minute he has been available since I became the coach.